Holland’s One Year Photoshoot

I don’t know what baby this was, but she was a literal angel for her lil one year photo shoot! We did a unicorn themed birthday part for her, so naturally we had to turn Great Grandpa Tim’s rocking horse into a unicorn. Holland left her floral crown on, smiled at the camera, stuck her little tongue out on command, stood on her own…. so many fun things! I love this little lady so much, and I’m glad she graced us with her sweet presence for this half our.  It also helped that we brought Nanny Haylee along to help!

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Holland’s 1st Birthday!

Lil Miss Holland celebrated her 1st birthday with a bang yesterday!! On our actual birthday, we were supposed to do her party.  But our entire family come down with a nasty cold, especially Holland, so we had to hold off on the celebrating for a couple weeks.  It still turned out fantastic, and we had an awesome night! Both sides of the family came to celebrate with us, and Holland had a great time being the center of attention.

 Holland at 1 Year

Height – 26 1/2 inches (not on charts)

Weight – 17 pounds 10 ounces (5%)

Finally has 2 teeth and is cutting 6 more!

Favorite foods – French fries, noodles, apples

Loves – dancing, “all around the bush,” pointing her finger at us when we do it to her and saying “Yyyyoooouuuu”, her bottle, cuddling her head into us, sticking her tongue in and out fast

Belly issues – We’ve successfully switched over to similac toddler sensitive formula!!! Yay!!!!

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Little Bear Bottoms – Fall 2017

Brock and I have been insanely busy with work lately, and unfortunately, the kids are the ones who get the crap end of that deal!! Our overlap from when Brock gets home and I have shoots is right when they could use our attention, so when we finally had a night that we were both home and free by 5:30, we figured we better make it about them!! We headed to Little Bear Bottoms for pumpkins (who am I kidding…. I really just wanted photos of them picking pumpkins, but they got to bring them home).

The boys’ favorite part was the giant hay stack again this year. They played on it for quite a while before I got too cold.  We did a quick 5 minute corn maze exploration and then headed to Firehouse for some pizza.  It was a fun and much needed night as a family.

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Bringing Back 1986

When you put your lil girl in your old retro sweatshirt, you grab a cabbage patch doll and take some pics. I mean, how cute of a baby would she have been 30 years ago?! So glad this sweatshirt has stood the test of time and is still with us because Holland is pretty damn cute in it!

Logan Utah Photographer_4959.jpg
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First Day of 2nd Grade

Oh, today was rough.  But we suspected it was going to be.  Tim started 2nd grade today at his new school.  And because he’s the son of both Brock and me, we could pretty much guarantee that his nerves would get the best of him.  He did great getting up of school (courtesy of wanting to play with the new nerf gun dad bought him yesterday for his first day jitters… more on that in a sec).  But once we got there, I knew right where it was headed.  I walked him in while holding Holland, keeping track of Deacon, and being death gripped by Tim.  We went into his classroom, which luckily was set up a bit more than the other day, and found his name tag on the table.  I tried to get him to talk to some new kids and read the books the teachers had out, but he just kept saying he didn’t want me to leave.  Holland had a stinky diaper and was getting into a Holland mood, and I really needed to get out of there before things got worse.  Tim started crying, I started crying…. its was awful.  He told me he just wanted to go back to Canyon…and I understand! It’s way less nerve wracking to go to school in a familiar place with familiar people.  I finally grabbed his teacher and asked her to help. She pulled him off of me and I had to walk out without looking back because I was losing it.  It’s so hard to know you are breaking your child’s heart into a million pieces.  It was the worst.

I ran into my friend in the hallway and lost it.  It was so hard to leave him and know that his little heart was racing a million beats  a minute and that he felt so alone. A few hours later, another friend text me and said she peeked in when she picked up her kindergartener and Tim was moving around and doing great! He’s definitely a kid who takes a long while to observe before diving in, but that was the best news.

When I picked him up, he was in much better spirits. Although he still would like to go back to Canyon, I told him it’s not an option and we’re gonna stick it out here (obviously I’ll continually be re-evaluating…. but I don’t want him to think it’s a choice and just give up before trying!). He’s VERY bummed there’s not a playground…and to be honest, so am I.  That’s a huge part of school.  So I’m anxious to see what’s going on with that. But he had a friend in his class from his gymnastics class, and even found a few buddies who also like minecraft.  So I guess letting him wear this shirt because I knew it would help him feel comfortable was worth it.

I’m hoping tomorrow goes at least a little bit better… although he already told me he is going to cry.  Glad he’s open minded…. :I

For now, I’m so proud of him for sticking it out today.  I really was expecting a phone call from the school, so I’m grateful for his bravery in doing something he really didn’t want to do! He’s an amazing kid and adds so much to our family.  He keeps me on my toes because I just don’t understand how he ticks usually, but I couldn’t ask for a better boy!

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End of school smiles and a peach smoothie from swig!
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January – Snowpocolipse and More

January was pretty much just full of shoveling snow… and shoveling more snow… all while still trying to figure out Holland.  There was just storm after storm.  And it did look beautiful, but it was exhausting, too! Here’s the best snow day though – because any day when school gets canceled is the best!

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Tim still doesn’t give Holland lots of attention, so when he does… I document it.
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Deacon is hilarious. He does speech at Canyon now to help catch him up to where he needs to be.  He has a hard time pronouncing the end syllables in words and just generally articulating what he’s saying.  Well, he runs out of speech the other day all happy that he has HOMEWORK!! Once we got home, he ran inside, promptly found a pencil, and sat right down and got to it.  Never mind that his homework is just repeating words I say…. it was the cutest!!
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